Bairds - Rostat korn

  • 17 kr

Roast barley is typically used in the production of dry or bitter Stouts and other dark beers, or for the careful adjustment of Pilsen beer colours.

A different, slower roasting temperature profile is used than for black or roast malt, and the final temperature is 220°C or even higher, which temperature is achieved by allowing exothermic roasting reactions to continue after turning off the heat source. These reactions are stopped by quenching with water. Due to the high temperature at the end, colour pick-up at this stage is very rapid and extreme care is needed to prevent carbonisation.

As a result of this slightly different roasting process and the higher final temperatures attained, the balance of pyrazines to pyrroles is different to roast malt leading to a more bitter flavour, there being more pyrazines present in this product. In addition it can be used with extreme care to colour and flavour lager beers, but the quantities used are very small, certainly no more than 2 or 3 Kg in 1 tonne of grist.

Moisture: 4%

EBC: 1200-1500 (450-560L)